XML Serialization/Deserialization
2018-07-10 22:05:41 UTC
Hi All,

I need a project manager SERIALIZATION for my client, let me know if you
have someone..

Manjeet Singh
IT Solutions Inc,
is there an easy way to store objects in xml and later, load the xml
into an object again?
I think the main problem here is that most xml serializers like
XStream or simple xml inject the object graph on theirselves.
I'am not really sure if something like a translator of object
creations will really help, because i don't know enough about either
guice and
XML serializers. I don't know for example, how a xml deserialization
process or guice should know, that a instance created as member
of one object is the same instance as created for another member of
another object previously.
Any help or suggestions, please?
Thanks in advance.
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